World Youth Day 2011

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World Youth Day 2011

“Set and founded in Christ, steady in faith”: these words by St. Paul inspire the young people who are getting ready to live the World Youth Day 2011, taking place from 16th to 21st August, 2011 in Madrid. The World Youth days were conceived back in 1984 by Pope John Paul II, whose words are still on our mind: “Young people play an important role, their life is incalculably precious for the same life of Church”.

The organization of the event began long since: the days to celebrate and live this deep experience are now getting closer. The day will be celebrated inside the park del Retiro in Madrid, and prayers will alternate with visits to museums, concerts and other events.

In order to make your travel easier and save money on the trip, a web page dedicated to car pooling has just been opened, so young people from every part of Europe can get in touch and organize their journey towards Madrid, without using too many cars, for a smaller impact on the environment.

If you book a packet including an accommodation, you’ll receive from the organization a “simple accommodation”, i.e. the possibility to stay in schools, gyms, parishes or families. If you buy a packet without accommodation, you can organize your stay according to your wishes: just address private people who want to host a pilgrim or contact the official agency of GMG in order to book a hotel.

The World Youth Day is a real introspective break for all participants, a way to think about the personal relationship with faith and it is an important occasion of spiritual education for every boy and girl.

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