2013 Easter holidays in Madrid

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2013 Easter holidays in Madrid

Madrid is commonly associated with a wide variety of attractions: art, architectural wonders, culture, major events, nightlife. All reason enough to justify a visit to this beautiful city in the bridge Paschal. A period that can, surprisingly, to concentrate really all that the Spanish capital has to offer, and that makes it simply unique.

The event undoubtedly more significant, not only for fans of bullfighting, is the appointment in the famous Plaza de Toros Monumenta, where on Sundays and public holidays you can watch the Bulls. This bridge, however, allows a truly unique experience: the opening of the season, just to set the date of Easter. A unique opportunity, scheduled for the afternoon of Easter, which revives the old battle between the matador and the bull.

In a particularly religious country like Spain, Easter is a holiday particularly strong, and the entire Holy Week is marked by celebrations which take place in the typical climate of Madrid nightlife. The processions celebrating the passion of Christ and takes place in Madrid are indeed numerous, and are among the most important and most famous throughout Spain. Among these is mandatory to mention that of the Nazarenes, hooded men belonging to different brotherhoods, participating in processions carrying large candles or even playing the drums. On Holy Saturday there is the procession of the Nuestra Senora de la Soledad, departing from the Monastery of Corpus Christi, and at Easter the main event takes place in the Plaza Mayor, where a large number of drums are collected and used for groped to play the sound of the earthquake, according to the hagiography, it would set off the death of Christ.

However, for those who can not stay away from the great art, the solution is there, and is represented in the exhibition Sacred Stories. Religious paintings by artists from Spain to Rome (1852-1864), open until July 1 at the Museo del Prado.

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