2013 Long Weekend of 2th june in Madrid

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2013 Long Weekend of 2th june in Madrid

Capital of the famous Iberian nightlife, city of art and culture, the Spanish capital has always the right answer to what you are looking for, all year round. 2013 Long Weekend of 2th june in Madrid is no exception to this rule, but rather provides, if possible, a further confirmation of what the Spanish city to be able to differentiate their offerings and always, in order to satisfy all the expectations and needs, without leaving any dissatisfied.

Find art and culture in Madrid is never left empty-handed. At the Prado Museum until the end of summer is the scene shows the Bible stories. Religious paintings by Spanish artists in Rome (1852-1864).

The exhibition features five paintings recently restored, which connect the pure late-romanticism to the new pictorial realism. The works in the exhibition, selected by Jose Luis Díez and Javier Barón, allowing you to admire some of the works in their original light is little known by the general public and by many critics. Works such as the Burial of Saint Cecilia in the catacombs of Rome, Mandrazo, the Burial of Saint Lawrence, Alejo Vera, Tobias and the angel and the Stigmatization of St Catherine of Siena, are a valuable pictorial testimony of the importance of Rome for European art, and in particular for the Spanish.

For those who want to soak up the atmosphere in the streets and squares of Madrid, the best choice is the Festival of the Book, until June 16 at the Parque del Buen Retiro. A regular event for book lovers and culture in general, which since 1933 - the year of his inauguration - now offers the public the opportunity to learn about the latest literary and meet their favorite literary.

A further possibility for those who are looking for a different Madrid, maybe being able to attend an event which, not being particularly characteristic of the culture Madrid, manages to bring out the best salient features of Spanish culture in everyday life, is made up of the race Triathlon scheduled for the first two days of June. A spectacle of sport that allows you to live an ordinary event, in an extraordinary climate.

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