2013 April 25 and May 1st in Madrid

- Alberghi Madrid

2013 April 25 and May 1st in Madrid

The Spanish capital is a dream of art, culture, majesty, entertainment and traditions that are renewed. A visit to Madrid, if you really want to understand the inner soul of the Iberian Peninsula, it is simply mandatory. The beauty of the city, its historical and cultural importance in the modern world, best exemplified by the rare pearls contained in its museums, is the ideal location to enjoy this long weekend of April 25 - May 1.

The Prado Museum, until June 16, will be showcasing the art of Juan Fernandez, known as "El Labrador", an artist little known to the public, but, on the contrary, well known at the European courts of the eighteenth century. The exhibition is divided into two sections, shows the evolution of the artist, the first works in which they are represented mostly exclusively grapes, his last work, in which the grapes Labrador combine with other elements. The theme of the grapes is taken from the Spanish painter ancient times, when the theme was used to determine the technical skill of a painter. From this use of the grape in painting in ancient Greece, was born the legend that some birds, deceived by the reproductive fidelity, tried to catch some grapes painted by Zeuxis of Heraclea (V sec. BC.)

Yet the Prado and always up to June 16 will be showcasing the Spanish line in the British Museum. Drawings from the Renaissance to Goya, showing the importaza of artists ranging from the sixteenth century and come to Goya and his unique way of exploring the world of fantasy and dream of human beliefs. This exhibition presents for the first time some drawings of the great Spanish painter never seen together before, including the magnificent Arthut Wellesley

The last one shows that we recommend, without changing city or leave the site of Prado museum is Sacred Stories: religious paintings by artists from Spain to Rome (1852-1864), on display until August 2013. The exhibition includes paintings of a religious nature of Spanish artists in Rome as Madrazo, Rosales, Alejo Vera and Domingo Valdivieso, a little-known series of paintings, presented to the public after a thorough restoration that highlights the extraordinary colors, appreciated by most of the critics.

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